Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dessert Bowls with a Difference

After the positive feedback for my covered PBJs, [and yippee, some sales ]
I've been encouraged to take my crochet  passion further and cover these delicate 3-legged vintage glass bowls in different patterns too!
I love the fact that the results are fairly immediate - I don't have to crochet for too long before I see the finished product.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Local Open Day

This weekend, Freshly Found is going to be live.  My friend Lorene is having an open day at her beautiful home tomorrow. All sorts of clothing, jewelery, food and decor goodies will be on sale as well.
I have been busy pricing, labeling and seeing what looks good together.
So - if you are local and have some time, come and visit  - 5 Valerie Drive, Gillitts from 9-4!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tie Dye

My husband and I were invited to a 70s birthday party this last weekend.  I had to take the opportunity to try out some tie-dyeing!
I found a white shirt for my husband at a local charity shop. It was the right size and in good condition.   I washed it well, then tied concentric string circles on the back and front and stripes up the sleeves.
I boiled it in navy dye on my stove for about 15minutes.
I rinsed it and couldn't wait to clip the string to see the result.  I was pleased with the way it turned out - an understated tie dyed shirt.
I have some more tie dyeing ideas in my head, which I am keen to try out now!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Family Vintage!

My very busy week has included a trip in the Sky Car at the Moses Mabhide Stadium, and evening of meeting fellow Durban bloggers and swapping clothes!  It has also been the week my M-I-L moved from a 4-story mansion in Ballito to a neat little retirement pad close by.  
She has had to shed loads of stuff.  I am so delighted that these vintage tub chairs came our way.
Last night, after unpacking the 1000th box [!?], I came home with a few more goodies including this lovely bright Vintage  Real Vinicola Port Bottle.
Still to come is an oak cupboard, which just does not fit in to her new home - and [yay]she has told me I have her permission to paint it white!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life in the Tropics

This summer has been one of the hottest here in years.  I don't function well in the heat! But, the up side of living in a hot and humid place is the gorgeous surroundings.  I live in a sea of soothing greens, enhanced with joyful splashes of colour! Here is some of what's happening outside at the moment:
These Day Lilies are facing my front door - and yes, they only last for a day.  I have learned that the blooms are edible, so have got as far as using them to decorate stir fries and salads - but I haven't actually downed a whole one yet!
I love the funky green moss covering on many of our garden walls.  [Careful -it's a little slippery when it grows on the driveway]
 And the lichen[?] ladder ascending from a forest of ferns!
The Bromeliad blooms are the new kids on the block.  These pineapple relatives just arrived in the last few days.
 What a delight.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Graceful Vintage Art

This LP book has become temporary art in my home.  My mom-in-law is downsizing her home and this little treasure came my way. 
It is adding vintage grace and poise to my dining room. I tied a pale pink ribbon around both edges, leaving a loop in the middle to hang the album from.
I love the simple graphics and the patina of time!

Monday, March 08, 2010


PBJ stands for Peanut Butter Jars.  That's what these are - underneath the lacy white covering!
I decided to give some more expression to my crush on crochet!  I am busy on the 5th cover now and each 1 has given me the opportunity to try out some different stitches!
A set of 3D crochet samplers!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wardrobe Swap

 I've just been notified about the next Wardrobe Swap in Durban.  I'd heard about events like this in other cities and wished we had something like this on our doorstep.  Now it is right here!
The way it works is, you have to take 6 classy items of clothing - no undies no tracksuits, no pjs, etc., etc.  You hand them in when you arrive and -  if they all pass the entry test - you are paid in buttons,.  You have the rest of the evening to 'spend' your six buttons on some other clothing items!
Sounds like fun.
But now find 6 gorgeous pieces in my wardrobe ... that I am willing to part with...?!
It's happening on Tuesday the 16 March at 18h00 at Beanbag Bohemia!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Famous Faces

I am fascinated with all the art and design available on vintage LP covers.  I have been folding some more boxes from LP covers and collecting them into themes. 
This set of 9 famous faces  will be for sale in the Freshly Found shop soon! Old Blue Eyes, the Carpenters, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, John Denver and Barbara Streisand are some of the singers in this wall band!
Generally I make the top lid of the box from the front of the ,LP cover and the base from the back of the cover.
I decided to mount this set on the wall.  I placed a large circle of masking tape on the back of the base of the box.
Then I positioned the base on the wall.  I spaced these evenly by placing the side of the box directly under the top box and then rotating it down.  Once I was sure it is square, I pushed it firmly on the wall and placed the lid on the box!
I love the 3D quality of the display.
Interesting info of the history of LP covers here and here.
More of my Art LP Boxes here