Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Shutter Views

Li Edelkoort's Trend Tablet is a favourite read for me.  Well worth a regular visit! In the Collages section, readers are invited to submit the views from their windows.  [My Shutter Views]
I have enjoyed looking out of my window with refreshed eyes - seeing the paradox of our modern lives - Security and Beauty! 
Top Pic is the view from our bedroom window through the gated door
Bottom Pic is the view through the cottage pane window next to the door.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Puzzling Lampshades ?!?

These are new and very unique.  Made for Freshly Found by Claire Norden.  A whole batch of innovative lampshades, made from upcycled jigsaw puzzle pieces.  
Each piece is individually glued onto a base of vintage overhead projector paper [more upcycling here too] and then mounted onto thrift-store found lampshade frames.
Various sizes and colours available - at the market and online too. Mail me to discuss colours and sizes. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Puzzle Hearts

 The heart of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity.   Douglas Horton - paraphrased
New stock of beautiful upcycled puzzle piece hearts by Claire Norden have arrived.
This one looks so at home on my front door!

More of her ingenious puzzle creations next week.
In the mean time - have a lovely long weekend♥

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Paper Cut Pattern Houses

I've enjoyed making these mini houses from a variety of recycled paper.  
I particularly enjoyed adding a touch of handcut paper colour.  These houses look good in a row, or they can be hung up with a string loop. 
Ideal for Christmas decor. 
Available online here:

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sweet Vintage Books and Stationery

A delightful set of 6 books on the Lake District, gorgeous retro blue stapler and vintage KIM metal punch - made in Chekeslovakia
Stacked up next to a Freshly Found Record Cover House. All available on line, except for the stapler which SOLD at the market on Saturday. 
Not only are the books pretty on the outside, but they are beuatiful on the inside too - filled with handwritten typography and illustrations.  Delightful to look at, even if you never get to explore the Lake District! 
Fells Books here, vintage punch here, paper houses here and another delightful retro vintage punch here

Monday, September 03, 2012

Freshly Found Snapshots

A Spring update of Freshly Found happenings:

  • This weekend: So excited to be part of the i love pop up shop at the Galleria in Amamzintoti.  Organised by Gen Motley and together with delightful Durban Creatives - Let's hope it's the first of many!
  • Impromptu book paper decor for my studio window.  Some of my greatest ideas come about when I'm supposed to be doing something else - like getting ready for the i♥market! Thanks to those of you who braved the hectic weather to be there♥

Other quick pics:

  • Mosbolletjies from our local Woolies bakery have become a family favourite. 
  • We have very very tall mystery tree in our garden that drops these beautiful pink blooms each spring: 
  • Beautiful bright pink roses from a friend and
  • palm-fold serviettes for guests.
Delightful vintage finds
  • bag FULL of delicate crochet lace and 
  • gorgeous botanical print book
Have a wonderful week!