Friday, September 14, 2007


I am passionate about Creativity, People and Excellent Coffee! I like to “Find” objects - junk, vintage or ordinary - and give them a whole new life! I do some Interior Redesign - it is so rewarding to work in people’s homes and help them discover the treasures they already have! I continually work on my own home and there is hardly a thing in it which I have not “Found”, sewn or painted!
I am intrigued by the Creative Process and from time to time I run courses on Creativity.
I am a coffee fanatic. I will travel across the city to get a good Americano! My faithful espresso machine accompanies me on all our trips away where I fear there might not be some good stuff!
My husband, Graham, is an Executive Coach and my best friend. I have 3 delightful, creative children – one in high school, one at University and one working and about to get married!! I am starting my blog, with my version of "The Spoon Theme"! A vintage silver dish on my coffee table, piled up with a good helping of beautiful old jam and teaspoons!


Anonymous said...

I find this amazing.
So much more original than the wooden stands in which the spoons hang. It feels as if these are part of the room, rather than being abandoned to a wall.

Denise Kiggan said...

Thanks EG! They have been a real conversation piece. People sit and play with them, find their favourite one, etc

Leigh said...

I love this. My friend Connie puts collections together like this. She has a bowl of cherubs with a cute note in it that says, life is a bowl of cherubs. Then she has a bowl of old clock parts and old doll hands and calls it, time on your hands.

Leigh said...

PS. Forgot to say, thanks for finding my blog. Looks like you have a really good start here!