Monday, September 17, 2007

More Orange!

Here's some Orange Design that I would not mind adding to my home! I love Ryan Frank 's delightful award winning Inkuku Chair – made out of plastic shopping bags. South African born Ryan loves to re-use and re-invent.
His Bio Resin adjustable Hook System looks like a really cool way to hang things that need to be hung up!
Now I can’t wait to see what he’s done with a whole lot of 'redundant office furniture'. If you are going to be at TentLondon from the 20th of September, you’ll be able to see for yourself!


Christopher de Beer said...
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Christopher de Beer said...

hey those are really cool, :)
i just might do a tribute to orange too :) (would you mind?)some south african industrial design by egg designs springs to mind :)

will def link back to this post though.

very cool

Anonymous said...

Loved the orange chair! Looking forward to more 'orange' output.