Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tags and Me!

I’ve been tagged by The Empire Collective! Here are 7 random things about me…………
1. Before I started blogging, I seldom used a camera. I always got someone else to take pics for me. Now the camera keeps my cell phone and wallet company in my handbag! I am thinking more in “Pictures” now! Last year I sold out my share of a coffee shop which we started. I regret that I have so few pics of all the creative work I did there over the 2 years. In this pic you can just catch a glimpse of some of the cushions I made with vintage doileys appliqued onto red cotton.
2. I love our new photographic package. I am not able to draw much more that a stick man, but now I am able to take pics and get the computer to turn them into a drawing for me! Very satisfying!
3. I got to go to the Design Indaba in Cape Town for the first time this year! It has been a dream to go for many years. I’m so glad I did.
4. I am hoping to launch an etsy shop. I have some ideas. Still working through them though!
5. I am attracted to Vintage “How-to” books. I love those old drawings.
6. Design, Style and a touch of Humour. These words fit together well for me.
7. Orange - By the time I left home to get married in the early 80s, I had a brown and orange bedroom - an orange rope monkey, an orange string lampshade, and orange floral print curtains! My wedding colour was apricot. I loved orange!!! But the love changed to hate. During the late 80s and 90s I couldn’t believe that I had loved the colour at all. I was quoted as saying: “Orange is so ugly – it should be illegal”. Well,I have come full circle again. All is forgiven and Orange and I are in love again!
I am reserving my right to tag 7 people at a later date!!??


Jesse said...

Vintage 'How-to' books are irresistible to me too. The drawings are incredible, and the level of detail in the instructions is often inspiring. They assume that you are capable of learning.

Anonymous said...

I have a bit of an advantage on the wedding score, having been there!
You omitted to mention the orange / apricot dresses with orange FLUFF that the bridesmaids wore.
Any retrospective comments?

Denise Kiggan said...

I did wonder if I should include a pic - but then I thought Nah! Although you did look gorgeous in Orange Fluff!!

janine de waal said...

I must say I had to laugh at the orange comment - as I am going through a red/burgundy phase - and I just love the way you describe the whole story - I was laughing out loud - thanks for the humor!