Friday, September 12, 2008

Clothing, Decor and Me

Debi Treloar is an ex-Zimbabwean-now-Londoner photographer whose work has appeared in many Decor Magazines and books.I am really happy to see these particular pics of hers, where items of clothing make the rooms look so good! I have quite a big collection of vintage clothes, which I have sourcerd on my 'travels' to thrift shops. Unless I make them into other things like this and this, I always have in mind that they will hang outside the cupboard to beautify the room! [Although I must confess that a Lime Green Jacket and funky floral brown shirt have found there way into my cupboard!]I have started photographing my collection and hope to sell some of my stash through my second etsy shop soon! I hope these wearable works of art will beautify rooms [and maybe also people] around the world!
Do pop over to Debi for more wow interiors!


Estelle said...

All so amazing and pretty. The only clothes I have hanging around are the ones I am too lazy to pack away at night - and it's not a pretty sight.
2nd etsy shop - Not handmade
Have a great day and weekend!

kat said...

Gorgeous. Thanks for the introduction to Debi Treloar!

please sir said...

I so agree - these images are wonderful. I'm thinking of hanging a dress I made up - like in the first photo - we'll see!

Linda Summerfield said...

Thank you so much for visiting me. Your blog is lush and gorgeous!

Anairam said...

These pictures are lovely. I think it looks so romantic to have a gauzy floaty dress hanging up against the wall or cupboard! The one time I tried that Le Husband kept on saying: "You've forgotten to put away your dress" until I put it away ... (The other romantic thing I got was a lovely mosquito net for our bedroom, which he kind of accepted, but made a big thing of sighing deeply every night as he pulled and pushed at the netting. So when we moved I didn't put it up again - but maybe I should!