Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Glove Cushion Covers!

Finally I have my series of hand-stitched Cushion Covers in my etsy shop! Each one has a vintage pair of gloves appliqued with a short comment stitched on too!I'd like to introduce them to you:
"Home at Last" "Round and Round the Garden to..." "I Could have Danced all Night" And "Turquoisery"!I have my own Glove Cushion Cover in my lounge and it still fills me with joy! Hand shapes are pleasing and lively!


Heloise said...

These are completely enchanting! Wow,wow,wow. I love the humour, the compositions, the type - EVERYTHING.

Jesse said...

They're wonderful!

Estelle said...

Great job. I love the colour combinations. In the light of my recent experiences with deaf people and sign language, the fingers interest me!
Do you use a machine to stitch the words?

erika said...

They are soo great, I love how they look a little bit surrealistic (they make me think of magritte) and stylish! I have stillafew pair of vintage gloves from my granny laying around.