Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Birthday, Another Bag!

My friends are bearing the brunt of my Sari Bag prototypes!
I just love the fresh colour and pattern of this sari!
Its almost an inside out bag, as I lined the bag with strong upholstery fabric , so that the prettiness could be on the outside! Remove Formatting from selection


Anairam said...

A lovely bag - and what a good idea to line it with upholstery fabric. Hope you will have some sari bags in your shop soon?

Estelle said...

Denise, you are surely mistaken. There is NO "bearing the brunt" here - rather a happy sharing of your talents.
What a lovely bag! Lucky friends you have!!

kendalee said...

Well what are friends for? ;) I'm sure they're coping! This is lovely!