Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's been quite a week.

A friend brought my family and I dinner last night, in sympathy with the flooding of our house on Tuesday! We so enjoyed her friendship and tasty kindness. At 9.45pm last night the same friend phoned me to say that her and her family had just been held up in their home by 4 armed men and had most of their significant possesions taken - cars, phones, electrical appliances, etc. A devastating experience!

And so I have been there a lot over the past hours.

This blog is all about creativity and design and clever ideas, restoration and recycling vintage, etc. I don't want it to be a blog of bad news! But this has been a devastating experience for my friend. They are all alive, and I guess are about to begin a long journey of restoration.

As always, at times like this, they are grateful for each other and for life and for friends who lend cars and cellphones, and offer you a place to stay for the night and send flowers and visit and pray.


Estelle said...

I've been checking every few hours to see where you are.I am SO sorry about the reason for your absence.
I love that they brought you food to commiserate! I belive that they will be blessed in the same way that they blessed you.
While it is bad news, it is reality in your world today. Praying for them and their healing from the trauma!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! Wish I were nearby to help.

I hope things brighten up for you and your friends very soon.

kendalee said...

Oh Denise, this is horrid! Awful to experience something like this and I know it firsthand. In SA it's all too commonplace but that never lessens the impact - I am so sorry that it has touched people that you care about. My thoughts are with you and your friends.

kat said...

So so sorry to hear that. Whenever I am confronted with these type of stories I remind myself to tell all the people I care about just how special they are to me. Your blog is one of those special visits in a day.

Heloise said...

My thoughts are with you and them - the same happened to my neighbours a while ago and it is a very traumatic thing to go through indeed.