Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Creativity Voyage

I am fascinated by Creativity and it's role in our lives. Today I start a Creativity Voyage with a group who will be getting together once a week for the next 5 weeks! The first session deals with God, the Creator and His Creation and the fact that he made us to be Creative. Then we talk about the Creative Process and the many creative tools at our disposal. Next we cover Creativity in Relationships.
The Fourth session is all about Living Creatively. Sometimes I bare my soul and host this at my own home. It helps to set the tone for the final session, when I encourage each of the participants to share with us some of their own Creativity!
That final session is often sacred. I know many of us live, eat, sleep, drink and breathe creatively, but it is often a scary and vulnerable time for those who feel they have no creativity at all! It offers a safe environment for people to read out loud the poem that has never been shared, or to show us the cookery books they covered in beautiful wrapping paper or the wood carving they do, or whatever their level and gifting is. I remember one lady who recreated a dinner scene for the rest of us. She said it was her and her husband's second marriage and they were both determined to make it work - and so every night they ate with flowers and lights dimmed and music. It was her way of expressing her creativity and enriching a relationship at the same time! I know we are in for a lot of fun!
I have led this course on a number of occasions, but this time I am giving the hand-out notes a new-look! I am making them long and thin and giving them bright red cover pages! I hope the attendees find them suitably stimulating!Top pic by my daughter Christy who always has such fresh eyes to see Creation!


Estelle said...

Another WOW entry!
Wish I could attend - when I am asked to be "creative", I freeze and become nervous.
But you are inspiring me!
Have a gorgeous day (-:

Anonymous said...

Wish I lived a bit closer and be there to join in your course!

Blossoms Girl said...

sometimes isn't easy to be creative. I would love to participate in some events like this. It helps, I believe.

JP.Brouard said...

I think that's the reason people often take trips to the great outdoors. A fresh dose of nature is often all you get to see God's handiwork at it's finest as well!

Anonymous said...

This sounds wonderful and absolutely something i would want to be part of. I'm doing something similar in a way with my cooking classes. It brings people together and sends them on their way to a richer life.

Shellbells said...

what church do you go to??

Unknown said...

I just found your blog while searching for something totally random and even though this post is well over a yr ago it really relates to where I am right now.. do you have any more info about your course?
best regards