Monday, February 16, 2009


Last week I bought a vintage mannequin from Eclectic in Durban. I need it to display some of my products for photographing! It has to be recovered and it needs a stand - I'll show you how it turns out - when it does!
Since acquiring the Mannequin [Should I give her a name?], I've noticed a few mannequins around the place:
For inspiration - Malinki do a wonderful job of upholstering French Mannequins in inspirational fabrics! have these lovely mannequin tote bags:
How quaint is this Embroidered Mannequin design by Tilda?Have a look here to see how to make your own custom made mannequin from duct tape!
Read some Mannequin Stories here!


Heloise said...

That is such a great project - mannequins speak of potential, wonderful fabrics draped and pinned into a dreamy design. Have fun!

Estelle said...

Such exciting things happening.
I do think she needs a name

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see how yours turns out. No doubt it'll be beautiful.

flowerpress said...

She does need a name, something grand!

Anairam said...

I love mannequins - I have forever wanted to own a vintage one - how wonderful that you were able to find one! Cannot wait to see your Freshly Redone one! (I think a name is a great idea, I vote for Coco!)

Anonymous said...

While I love the adjustable mannequin I got as a Christmas present last year, the vintage ones really are so appealing. If only I could justify having two!

Unknown said...

I would love an old mannequin. Sounds like a great find!