Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Chocolate Giving

Today is the third session in the Creativity Voyage I am facilitating- Creative Relating! The fun practical homework for this week is that each person will receive an envelope and be told to write a short note on it! Then they must fill it with a chocolate bar, and give it to someone they would not usually give it to! Sort of a Random Act of Chocolate Kindness!
To help everyone I along, I have used some chocolate brown envelopes, left over from my daughter's wedding and pasted a Creative Stationery notelet onto the envelope.
Leading the course does not exclude me from having to do it myself, so I am thinking about who the lucky unsuspecting recipient of my choccie will be.We've had heart warming results before - some of the recipients have been - a tricky, moody colleague at work, a hardly known neighbour, an acquaintance who had had a car accident, a difficult old lady, etc.
Any body like to join me?


Estelle said...

Oh that is such fun. I'm thinking hard about who I can give it to!

Unknown said...

nice idea - i just received some unbelievable chocolate madness from a friend!

Estelle said...

I still haven't decided on a person. The dilemma is that I can't buy the choc and fool myself that it will last a day or two .. I need to do it all one swift move!!