Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Boring Story?!

I set up a new Vignette on my white tray table - Some acorns picked up in Stellenbosch, some Autumn leaves from my garden and the grape stalk my husband left there added a light touch! I had to capture the pleasing scene. But much to my horror as I downloaded the pics, this is what I saw... Squirrels love to eat acorns so do birds, bears and even people! But I had wood borer eating my acorns. Before they started snacking on the rest of my house they had to go. Oh Dear - goodbye acorns! What a pity.
I wish I'd tried this before they were gone!


Mary-Laure said...

Such a simple idea, yet such wonderful beauty!

Estelle said...

That is really SO beautiful. The leaves look like roses. Love the grape stalk.
Pity about the borers, but I'm glad you noticed them!
I love how you do things in your home.

kendalee said...

What a shame about the borers but at least you got some lovely pictures before they had to go! beautifully autumnal.

Unknown said...

people eat acorns too? never know that and never had one. hehe.