Monday, April 06, 2009

Life on the Home Front

Yesterday we drove up to Ballito to visit my M-I-L. As we were almost home, we came across our nearby neighbours on their Sunday afternoon jaunt! I was so pleased I had my camera in my bag!The Avenue is starting to show signs of autumn and leaves are yellowing and falling!

The view of the avenue from inside our home shows what is happening here today. We have some tree fellers in to remove 2 massive Camphor Trees. They are magnificent specimens, but here in KZN they are alien invaders and easily overtake the natural vegetation. These are the trees that have to go... and the orange speck is the man in my tree right now who is sawing it down! With all the thudding, ripping sawing and wrenching sounds in the background here - rather him than me!


Estelle said...

What beautiful photos of such beautiful surroundings! We seldom think of this type of scene as being South African.
A pity that the trees are alien!
Good luck to the Feller Fella!

Anairam said...

A magnificent garden! Such a pity the lovely trees have to go, but there you have it - they are alien. I tried to convince L'Usband once that getting rid of some pine trees (which was an issue a few years ago in Cape Town) was a vegetational form of xenophobia, but I think I lost that argument!

kendalee said...

Oh, my brother lives in Ballito... I like to think you might have crossed paths at the robots or something. Such a beautiful part of the country you're in! It's always a little sad when trees have to go - although good for the ones that are saved as a result. As an alien in a foreign land, I think I relate to their plight! ;o) Are you going to replace them with some indigenous varieties?

Denise Kiggan said...

Thanks Everyone! I should have mentioned that we have already planted some indigenous trees. Now that the camphors are out of the way, they will flourish!
Estelle - The Feller Fella is back up the next tree this morning. Seems to thrive on heights!
Kendalee - I am sure I must have passed your brother some time. My husband's parents moved to Ballito in 1981, so we have been holidaying or weekending there for years!
Anairam - I love your vegetational xenophobia angle!!!