Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Champion of the Mundane! [yes] and Orator of the Ordinary [absolutely]

I am mad about ordinary things! - Candles, pegs, pencils, seeds, leaves, wooden beads, books, sticks, vintage vases, magazines, throws, etc! My home is filled with them and I enjoy presenting them in a new and fresh way!I am inspired by these works of photographer Paul Massey, who brings out the 'Stunning' in 'Plain-Janes'
I was 'paging' through Wallpaper online, and read about the work of photographer and artist William Eggleston. He was referred to as the
Champion of the Mundane and Orator of the Ordinary
That's a cool phrase and one I hope to remember and strive to achieve in my own life and work!!


Estelle said...

The top pic looks like an oil painting by one of the grand masters.
In my books, you are a champion already! No "plain" in your work (-:

Di Overton said...

I love Paul Massey's work

kendalee said...

What a great title and you certainly have a flair for presenting the ordinary in an extraordinary way... I see why these photographs would appeal to you. There's a kindred spirit to be found in them! And you're both inspirational.

Your trip to the 'berg looks so lovely too - it's such a beautiful area. Glad it refreshed you!

Leslie said...

These photos are lovely! Your collections are beautiful. It's such a respectful way to represent perfectly simple objects and capture their beauty.

kat said...

I missed too many gorgeous post while on my unplanned 'blog break'. These images are lovely and you certainly manage to elevate the seemingly ordinary.

ELK said...

i am so happy to be here among your extraordinary things!