Friday, May 29, 2009

Woven Posters

I am so excited about the trial run lampshade I had to weave from strips of old advertising banners for a decor project I am working on. I love the colours and the texture! We are hoping to mount these on giant barrel lampshades, giving a colourful industrial appearance!I'll keep you updated!


Estelle said...

So pretty! I think you got my share of patience - I would give up at the first sign of things being hard!
(Wondering about how far the globe is from the posters in terms of heat?)

Nenslens said...

Very Cool!!! These look amazing and what a great recycle project!

Denise Kiggan said...

Estelle - we have some professional light manufacturers working with us - so they are advising us. Just hope the costs don't turn out too expensive!
Nenslens - Yes it is fun to use what was just lying around taking up space!

Down Pillow said...

Cool idea - looking forward to the finished project :)

Estelle said...

Shew, professional light people - big project - most impressive!

Anairam said...

I like the woven lampshade - didn't you post a woven book cover once? I put it on one of my ToDo lists - sigh - I have way too many things on those lists! I loved the praying mantis below - and I really want to try and draw one! Do you know about Kaggen - a deity of the Khoisan, who sometimes manifests as a praying mantis?

lisa said...

that is AWESOME! just what I needed...another project added to my list.

Jesse said...

You're right to be excited! It looks great - it's going to look even better with light shining through it.

kendalee said...

You are the queen of recycling cool Denise! No doubt about it. These are great!

Gemma Coll said...

A friend of mine has just alerted me to look at your blog as she spotted the lampshades you have just started weaving. On finding your blog I saw that you visited the Design Indaba at the CTICC in February 2009. Your product is extremely similar to one that I launched there and this is a product that I have designed and been manufacturing since their launch.

I am disappointed and shocked that you have, as far as I can see, deliberately copied a product from a South African company who is employing people in the community to try and better lives through a project we have been running since January 2005.

I will have to seek legal advise if you were to market and sell this product under your name.

I will look to forward to hearing from you regarding this matter.

Denise Kiggan said...

Hi there Gemma
Thanks for your note.
I just want to state categorically that I have absolutely no ill intention towards you and I had no intentions of copying you at all.
I also have absolutely no plans to market or sell these lampshades.
Yes I did attend the Design Indaba and I am sure I did see your stand, although I don’t specifically recall it or the products on it.
I would like to tell you about the process on my side.
I am part of the décor committee at my church – consisting of interior decorators, a graphic designer, etc. We are redoing the décor in the entrance hall. We decided to have a Recycled theme. We have a number of outdoor vinyl posters, which we want to re-use. We are re-upholstering some of the ottomans in the posters – and after a brain storming session it was decided that we should use the posters for some of the lampshades too. I was not the originator of the idea, but I was assigned the task of doing a trial run – which I happily did and blogged about [unaware of the impact it would have.]
I want to assure you it is not in my heart to offend or compromise fellow South Africa businesses.
I wish you well with yours
I have been hunting around on the net and found the article on you guys on Babazeka. I just want to say I salute you girls and the work you have done in the Paarl community.
May it go from strength to strength

jacci r said...

I love the ideas, and the colour and potential of this idea.

Reading the post re the woven lampshades, I felt a need to jump into the middle of discussion with the following comment.

As much as I understand Ollymolly's desire to protect their product, if one searches the internet there are many, many recycled products made from woven posters, magazines, seatbelts, tshirting etc. In fact I was reading, this morning, about a weaver in England who weaves all types of household goodies from old comics.

There is in this day and age space for everyone to make and manufacture products, whether they are similar or not!!!

There is in fact, I believe, no purely original conceptial thought, all design comes from seeing or hearing ideas - and the global village is such that we are often bouncing concepts and ideas off the same stimulus.

As far as offending or compromising other businesses goes, an immitation is often the highest form of compliment!!!

So if I may say it.... lighten up Ollymolly.