Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Its That Time of the Year Again!!!

This is the first time I have decorated a Christmas tree for years.  My children have had that task, but there are not so many children around the house anymore, so it was up to my youngest daughter and I to do it!

We took pics as we went along, so we now have a fun stop-frame record of the decorating of the Christmas Tree
Still to do - finish decorating the presents under the tree and hang the large red Sari fabric bows I made as well as the Christmas Stockings!


Estelle said...

I've been waiting for this!
Yay, so beautiful and very colourful. Your colours look so rich.
I ♥ the ♥s!
(My little wire tree only gets decorated if Daniel chooses to do so. Very different.)

Estelle said...

Love the pic with the 2 elves working hard!

dinkum design said...

My daughter is off working a holiday job, and that leaves a 17yr old son, so I think its going to be all up to me this year. A stop-frame record is such a cool idea, I think I nik the idea if you don't mind. Your tree looks so lovely.

Lauren Setterberg said...

Ah that's a lovely tree. I did my mum's with her last night.

And So I Whisper said...

Oh God! It looks wonderful! Merry Christmas.

red. or. gray. art. said...!

down comforter said...

Your tree's so cute - great job!

Skattie said...

Love this blog ;-) Have a great Christmas!