Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ponto Typo

I enjoy signs in foreign places.  They tell you so much about the culture you have landed yourself in!
Ponto Do Ouro was full of inspiration:
Devotion to the Ocean on the side of this truck:
Well worn Portuguese speed limit:
Restaurant Welcome - on a previously painted wall which had been whitewashed around [and over] when it was time for the next coat of paint. I wonder if the 'new' chef is still there?
Hand painted plea not to climb on the dunes and destroy the vegetation.
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Estelle said...

I absolutely love signs too.
The signs are so full of character.

I love the "worn"ness of the signs, and especially that they spelt "every day" the right way (-:

Anairam said...

Your holiday sounds like great fun. And the 'found' words and signs add to it ...