Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fresh Green, Silver and White

I've just picked up some beaded samples for a client.
I needed to photograph them to keep a record of the different  colour combinations Sandile put together, so I thought I would share their lovely green and white freshness with you.
It gives me so much joy to work with these talented people!


Anairam said...

They do look very spring-like and minty-fresh! PS I really, really like the bibliogami book in the bowl - the front one - what a lovely shape! Mine (I have five displayed in my house) are all made of hardcover books - and are displayed lying flat and open. I really use them like little sculptures, on top of a bookshelf, a cupboard, on two side tables. L'Usband complains that there is no space to put down a glass or cup of coffee!

Estelle said...

Oh that is SO fresh!
The beaders are so very talented.
A green and white Christmas tree is very appealing.

Romero said...

so so fresh!!!...and beautiful

Anke said...

I love African bead art. Amazing! And your crochet bowls and soda bottles are outstandingly lovely.