Monday, August 16, 2010

At Last!

Today for the first time for ages, I didn't have hectically urgent deadlines or tasks nipping at my heels. What a pleasure it was to spend some time on my home.  
I made these cushions up from thrifted linen dishtowels.  I love the colours and the happy patterns. 
I also washed the white linen loose covers for my sofas - and made some alterations too - involving unpicking, inserting a strip, restitching piping and pleats in both of them.
So by late this afternoon, as the light was fading, I was hugely satisfied with the outcome - just have to order another feather inner for the koala cover!
Are they significant?- yes!- We have visited Australia and have friends and close family there, so the Koala Print will remind us of that.  The Irish one - well I plan to visit Ireland one day!


Lauren Setterberg said...

That koala cushion is just adorable! Well done crafty cat:)

hatjunkie said...

Beautiful pillows. I am also dreaming of a moment to make some curtains or pillows.

Estelle said...

Wow, that is so pretty. Sewing a cushion cover and fixing a zip, etc - really a schlep, hey!
Love the ♣ pattern!

Roane Swindon said...

They're gorgeous! Come work on my house! ;)