Saturday, September 04, 2010

PBJ's Please

Freshly Found PBJ's are in full production now.  The lovely Colette has come on board and is using her skills to crochet up a storm.
My substantial stash of Black Cat Peanut Butter bottles [the smaller 400g size] is now almost depleted,so I am appealing to my friends and people living in and around Durbs to pass on any they may have.  
We promise to recycle them in the most beautiful way.
Apologies to to those who have tried to access our shop.  It is offline at the moment, but our website administrator is working on it, and we will hopefully be up and running soon.
The PBJs will then be available online, as well as at the monthly i♥market.
We are also able to ship the covers only - if you have your own jars at home.  This helps hugely with the cost of postage! Contact me directly if you are interested.


Punctuation Mark said...

very cute! have a nice weekend!

Lariata said...

so beautiful vases! very nice :)

Nadia Jonker said...

Just wanted to pop in and say we missed you at the market yesterday!
Hoping all is well! x

Anonymous said...

beautiful jar covers!! so pretty i blogged them :)

michele in california

vonimoller said...

Aaaaaaah a South African Crochet blog!!!!!! Must subscribe to you! Do you have twitter?