Monday, January 10, 2011

A Bouquet of Jugs

I needed some fresh interest for my coffee table, So I decided to hunt out all my vintage jugs and pile them up in my much loved John Wilhelm Pottery bowl.
 So many memories are grouped together - remnants of tea sets, delightful vintage finds [like that bright green Mikasa jug] and I so well remember the delight I felt years ago when I bought the House Tea Set. 
 Next I think I will try a bowl full of vintage teacups. That should be fun too!


Lauren Setterberg said...

Ah, that's so cool! I hope one of the glossies does a whole spread on your home one day.

Estelle said...

I run out of words to do justice to your energy and enthusiasm!

christy said...

That is so fun!

Moe said...

this is super cute! What a fun way to make a bouquet. Love it :)