Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Easter

It's Easter - and by the looks of the leaves on my driveway, it's almost autumn too!
We are enjoying a quiet weekend at home! 
We'll be celebrating a special Easter service at CityHill Church Hillcrest on Sunday morning [actually we're there most Sun mornings] 
 We also have plans to see some family too. Have a lovely weekend!


Estelle said...

Such lovely pics.. nature and miracles and beauty.
Wishing you and your precious family a really special and blessed Easter x x

Caroline F. said...

I live in Seattle, Washington USA and we are waiting for some real spring weather. It's almost time to plant the flower seeds and get out the lawn furniture!

Unknown said...

Stunning pictures! xxx

Carol said...

Happy Easter, Denise. I was delighted to see you'd visited me because I'd lost track of your blog and was wondering how to find it again. I've just spent ages reading back to last June and I've really enjoyed it. All the best, Carol x

ELK said...

oh how i relish the colors of these leaves... happy easter !!

Anne said...

oh i love your autumn shots! happy easter to you!

Unknown said...

It's so funny to see the leaves are turning brown in Australia while Europe is ejoying the most beautiful spring sunshine at the moment ;)
Nevertheless I love the first photo because of the colours and the mood you captured in it.

Happy Easter to you!