Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vintage Kruger

Some vintage books, I just can't fold or cut up.  This book: The Kruger Park and Other National Parks by RJ Labuschagne is one of them. 
Published in 1968, beside documenting the animals in the Parks, it is such a lovely comment on South African Society at the time. 
I loved the article on the modern way of darting hippos for research.  Driving a grader into the river was much safer than sending real live biologists in!
And the foreword to the book was written from The Prime Minister's Office - BJ Vorster himself!I love the official font!
I would have been 8 years old at the time.  My first visit to the Kruger Park only happened a number of years later - but I do rememebr my mom and dad dressing very much like the mom and dad in the pic and the Johannesburg TJ car registration plate which was the predecessor of today's GP registration in Gauteng.


Stevie Godson said...

Saw this delightful tutorial for a book page wreath and thought of you.

Estelle said...

Such a lovely memory. Love the clothes!