Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book for Its Cover

I buy a lot of books because of what I can make with them.  But this one I bought, because I loved the cover. 
I always enjoy how-to diagrams and this needlecraft pattern is delightful.
There are some lovely patterns inside too - like this smocking diagram.
I am a true book lover, even though I seldom read them :-)
A New Manual of Needlework by E Griffith.  First published in 1930.  This edition was published 2 years before I was born in 1957!


Jesse said...

Gorgeous cover - the colour!

Dizzy said...

I love old books too but always feel guilty about cutting them up. I've just done a collage with an old atlas and am feeling really bad!

Anonymous said...

Correction: its (not "it's) cover.

Denise Kiggan said...

Thanks for pointing this out Anon. I have corrected the title :-)

Estelle said...

Judge a book by its cover ;-)