Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sweet Vintage Books and Stationery

A delightful set of 6 books on the Lake District, gorgeous retro blue stapler and vintage KIM metal punch - made in Chekeslovakia
Stacked up next to a Freshly Found Record Cover House. All available on line, except for the stapler which SOLD at the market on Saturday. 
Not only are the books pretty on the outside, but they are beuatiful on the inside too - filled with handwritten typography and illustrations.  Delightful to look at, even if you never get to explore the Lake District! 
Fells Books here, vintage punch here, paper houses here and another delightful retro vintage punch here

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Denise Kiggan said...

This adorable set of books have been sold♥ They will be winging their way to the UK shortly. So pleased they have found a happy home!