Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Old Books - New Covers

I so enjoyed this public holiday project on Easter Monday.   I finally got round to covering a very old, unused, but sentimental set of World Book Encyclopaedias.
I decided to update them with a Bauhaus font.  Each book was covered in a light white cardboard sleeve, sourced from my local printer, who keeps the waste printed-on-one-side-only paper for me.  The letters were printed onto white sticker paper, and stuck onto the spine of each book.
I had covered my set of Golden Hands craft books a while back, but added stencil-print numbers to them too.  I like the calming rhythmic repetition and the fact that they now all add white bright white light to a darkish room in the house!
As soon as we got back from the Design Indaba, we had 2 weeks to get some orders out, before heading to our timeshare in Mpumalanga.  We had a wonderful family week away.  
But now we are back into full swing - cultivating paper flowers.


Estelle said...

Wow, so fresh and tidy! You amaze me with your patience and precision.

Denise Kiggan said...

Thanks Estelle. I enjoyed doing something other than making paper flowers for a day :-)