Friday, June 28, 2013

Hoe Poppies Gemaak Is / How Dolls Were Made

Do you have any idea where I found and photographed these sweet vintage antique poppets?Hand-stitched together with scraps, to keep little people amused.  

Alongside them is an example of how there bodies were formed, from materials that were close at hand.
These little people don't live in my usual stomping ground.  Earlier this month, we went to visit my son in Gauteng.  We took a day trip to Pretoria - my city of birth.  On the way there we stopped off at The Voortrekker Monument.  [If you had told me that I was going to be spending a few hours of my precious weekend there, I would not have sounded thrilled.]
But we had an amazing time.
I enjoyed understanding more of the way of life of these pioneers, and in particular - their handwork and craft.
How delightful are these museum dolls from the early to mid 1800s?  
I'll be sharing a little more of Trekker craft in the next few days. 

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