Monday, November 04, 2013

Durban Digital Day

What a great event.  I was delighted to be at this 'annual digital, tech & online conference, networking hub and big day out in KZN.'

Durban Digital Day

A day full of info and connecting.  
Some of the highlights for me were: 

  • Hearing the talented media consultant Cath Jenkin - share great tips for creating a successful online presence - Everything you do online is a tattoo.   It's pretty much permanent.  So think carefully.

  • Meeting my antithesis.  I am conflict averse, and do my best to avoid any form of it. Bob Perfect of Durban is Yours welcomes it.  Really interesting to hear his point of view on youth culture.
Look out for this annual event this time next year. It's well worth a visit!  
Photos and Presentations coming soon on their Facebook Page


c@th said...

Thanks for coming along and for this little shout out! So lovely!

Jo said...

Hello Denise,

I wish I had known you were going to be there! I'm intrigued by your work and it would have been wonderful to meet you.

The presentations were very interesting and quite diverse. Cath's talk was certainly thought-provoking. So glad Durban's digital community is getting to know and support each other. :)

Leo said...

it's great to know what's on in my old home town, Durban now that I live in England. Thanks for posting.