Friday, January 10, 2014

Flowers, Family, Coffee and Gifts

I thought I would start off the blogging year with a quick personal Instagram summary of the last few weeks.

I have been photographing some fresh flowers for a new Freshly Found project
Agapanthus is one of my favourite flowers - I love the  the origin of the name, which means love [agape] flower [anthos], and its blue airy structure. I couldn't resist a quick snap of this 'Ag-in-bits'

Not surprisingly, I have wrapped a few gifts lately! 2 Housewarming plants were sent off with a tissue paper wrapping.  I wrote the greetings around the edge of the paper square, and tied it with a rolled, frayed square of sari fabric.  I made paper wallets and decorated them with line drawings. This was a creative way of giving the cash that my family like for Christmas.  The rest of the gifts were wrapped in ink-dyed tissue paper.  A really fun experience to make! 

These holidays, my passion for excellent coffee intesified.  My family gave me The Art and Craft of Coffee by Kevin Sinnott. A great visual digest of info on one of my favourite topics [and tastes].  My son organised some coffee cuppings for us.  What a sensory journey that took us on - seeing, smelling, grinding, breathing, slurping, tasting and identifying tastes and aromas.  I definitely plan to experience more of this in 2014.
What a privilege to see family - local and from Gauteng.   I  printed out a local google map of our area as a welcome. We enjoyed beach walks - at night after a delicious dinner at Ninth Avenue Bistro and in the heat of the day too, talking, chilling, playing games, learning to race a car on an iPad app and braaiing. I met the cutest little boy who has officially turned me into a great-aunt.
As I start the year, I have just finalised 2 events for 2014. On Sunday this week, I start The Brene Brown e-course on Gifts of Imperfection.  I am really looking forward to that journey. The Grand White is coming to Durban in May - and we've booked to go with a group of friends. 


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