Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Touches of Blue Part 2

Yesterday I told you how I have been adding touches of blue to my neutral living room.  On the left side of my fireplace mantle piece, I have some more vintage finds.   
A loveable white swan, a blue ginger jar and a tapestry that I have had for a while.  Its long, thin and un-framed.  I folded it in half and placed it in a glass vase with straight sides.  It shows off the handy work nicely, and when I want a change of scenery, 
I just turn it over and show off the other half.  A temporary solution to framing a tapestry.
Our usually prolific hydrangea had only one head of blooms this year. Nevertheless it has added a fresh blueness as it has been divided up between a bowl on the coffee table and a jug on the fireplace. 

Last of the Blue Trilogy later this week!


Handmade in Israel said...

That hydrangea is beautiful. It may have only had one head this year, but it's a stunning one!

Denise Kiggan said...

Yes - Thanks Lisa!