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Crochet Bud Vases

Crochet Bud Vases
These soda vases are a great way to re-cycle glass bottles.  They are covered in a simple parcel string crochet.  The string can be left plain or dip dyed to create a gradient of colour. (Pattern below)

They are great for decor around the home and ideal for events.  Brides and bridesmaids can collect bottles and simply crochet covers in the months leading up to a wedding.  The vases can be filled with anything from leaves or painted twigs to roses or lilies.  They make sweet Thank You gifts for significant friends and family after the event.
Trio of Crochet Vases

Crochet Pattern for Soda bottle Covers

You will need:
Size 4 crochet hook
Thin parcel string – (sourced from my local stationer)
A soda bottle – approximately 22cm (8,5 in) high with a 5cm ( 2in) diameter base.  (The one I used was 275ml soda drink)
Dye or Annie Sloan Paint for colouring

Crochet Bottle Cover
Work from the top rim down to the base of the bottle.
To start – Ch 13 and join with a ss to form a ring
1st round – 3 chain to count as the first tr, then work 14 tr into the ring. Join with a ss to the 3rd of the first 3 chain [15tr]
2nd round -3 ch to count as first tr, 1 tr into each  till the end of the round.   Join with a ss to the 3rd of the first 3 chain[15tr]
3rd to 6th rounds – as for 2nd round
7th round – increase row – Work as for previous round, but work 2 tr into every third stitch + an extra treble at the base of the initial 3 ch [21st]
(3 ch to count as first tr, 1 tr, 2 tr into next stitch,  *2tr, 2tr into next st* Repeat to end of round. 1 tr into base of first chain)  [21tr]
8th – 18th rounds work as for 2nd round.
Optional 19th round – decrease row –   4 chain to count as the first dtr, 1 dtr, then skip 1 stitch.  *2 dtr, skip 1 stitch*  till the end of the round. the ring. Join with a ss to the 3rd of the first 3 chain [14dtr]
This row should bring the bottom edge of the cover just under the base of the bottle to hold it securely in place.
You may have to adjust the pattern to your particular size of soda bottle.
Soda Bottle Crochet Vases
Freshly Found Crochet Bottles were used by Annie Sloan South Africa to show off some of the wide variety of applications for their chalk paint. We quote from their Facebook page here:

“HOW WE DID IT: Its an easy technique of taking your choice of colour of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™, dipping the bottle in about 2cm – 5cm into the paint, then adding some water to the paint, dipping the bottle slightly deeper and then repeat by adding more water and dipping until you are happy with the gradient.” Gradient Dip Dyed Vase

Happy Crocheting and Dipping

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