Friday, August 21, 2015

Forests Full of Potential

We’ve just spent a wonderful week in the Cathkin Valley with a gorgeous view of the Drakensberg Mountains.
It really did not seem like a good time to go away.  We had so much on our plates.  Yet once we were there, it was just so good to let the busy-ness of our day-today lives fade and be rejuvenated by family relationships and wonderful natural beauty.
The Drakensberg Mountains are majestic, and we had a clear view of them from our holiday spot at Champagne Lane. Everyday the mood of the mountain range changed from sunrise to sunset, on sunny days and cloudy days.

Forests of Potential

Forests Full of Potential

This time, one of the highlights for me was taking a drive along a dirt road, until it lead us deep into Bluegum forest territory.  What a delight to be amonst these wooden giants, planted in soothing symmetry and brimming with such potential.
I wondered which trees may eventually land up in my printer as paper and which ones may be used as pallets, or made into funiture, or matchsticks, or…..

A Roadway through the Forests Full of Potential
It was so special to spend  time photographing these gentle giants.  Viewing the pictures afterwards has made me quite philosophical.  The view of the sky through the trees evokes emotion in me and is a great reminder to Look Up!

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