Monday, October 03, 2016

A Freshly Found Wood Work Story

The Wood Work Story

I am a collector of random goodies. The vibrant rhythm of similar items grouped together really energises me
I have been drawn to wooden items – in particular wood work that ‘works’ for us.

I have picked up many abandoned wooden kitchen implements – spoons, egg cups, bowls, pepper grinders, serviette rings and more. 
I love the sameness of each piece, and yet the way they come alive as the different woodt types, finishes and wear and tear stand next to each other..
I was delighted to be included in this year’s Intellectual Property Exhibition by Robin Opperman of Umcebo Design.  It has been the perfect opportunity to  transform some of my collection and into a few practical pieces of  crafted art.

The Wood Work Spoon Table

What a delight to create! A table from spoons.  After much thought,  the piece of furniture emerged, with cricket wicket legs, and a table top made from an old cottage pane window frame. Named Wood Work Stirred for the show.

The Wood Work Pendant Light Fittings

This gave me an opportunity to string together these wooden treasures - my collection of egg cups, salt and pepper grinders and random wooden bowls. The final outcome is 2 sets of 3 wooden light  pendants.  Named Wood Work Turned for the show.
NOTE – An enormous Thank you to my husband,  Without who’s help, these would still just be ideas.
The Wood work Collection Pieces are on show and for sale at The Contemporary Artisan Gallery
Visit the Intellectual Property Website for more info about the exhibition

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