Thursday, February 09, 2017

Book Craft - Candle Holder – DIY Project

Besides showing you how to make the holders, the video tutorial also shows an option of adding a pattern or colour instead of the usual book print.
This is done by making use of the second hand book's assets – a reasonably priced source of good quality paper, and a spine which holds the pages together.  Some of the pages are then covered with strips of thin tissue paper, which masks the print.
Instructions for both the plain book print and the tissue paper covered version are shown:

I placed my tea light on top of another tea light, to give it some height and make the flame more visible.  Placing the tea light lower down will create a filtered light through the folded pages.
If you prefer, a smaller gap can be cut in the book and a battery operated tea light can be inserted.  
book print candle
Safety – Paper is highly flammable.  So please never let this candle out of your sight while it is burning.  Keep away from pets, draughts and small children.  

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