Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Paper Strelitzias - Creations with Art from A Local Artist

While the same pattern is used for each paper strelitzia, the outcome is always different, depending on which piece of artwork is being used.  It really is re-cycling on a very cultured scale!  It’s been a joy to resurrect the Freshly Found paper strelitzia design.   They originally made their appearance for the Design Indaba some years ago, and have been made up in packaging materials, wedding buttonholes, gift decor and moreThe petals are created from pleated paper and the stems are covered in re-cycled twisted tissue paper.
We love to create representations of indigenous flowers and other paper products for private and business clients.  If we can re-use paper that is somehow relevant to you – all the more exciting! 
Monkey MuchiesI am fortunate enough to have a miniature version of the real thing growing here in my garden in Kloof. Unfortunately, I don’t often get to see these strelitizas though –  The monkeys, who frequently visit our garden find them delicious and love to eat them for lunch.
Contact us if you would like us to create something similar for you!

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