Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ornithological Enclosures!!

I love the shape and lines of a bird cage. I came across some lovely designs on the web - Not only does Karen of Happy Cavalier head her own blog with a gorgeous drawing of a bird cage, but she also featured some of Jenny Bower's lovely lovely work And Bird lover Michelle of the delightful Cher Ami featured these beautiful birdcage cards from Luxe Papiere. All of this reminds me of my collection of bird cages. A while ago I used them to decorate a lunch table. Tomorrow I'll tell you what they are up to now!


karen.c said...

thanks for the mention Denise!! Have a lovely day!

somepinkflowers said...

freshly found,

nice discovery here...


Sandy said...

I love the table setting!

Cher Ami said...

the white cages on that table is such a great idea! it makes me want to go out and find miniatures to decorate my smaller tables with :)

janine de waal said...

Stunning drawings and a super subject! My mom also has a bird cage fetish, so will definately get her to view these!

Debi said...

i missed your birthday on monday
hope it was a happy one
what miserable weather we had that day

and i love the sari tablecloth
i actually WEAR my grey street finds!
much to the initial shock of the locals here in scottburgh. now, i don't think they'd expect any less!!

tongue in cheek said...

I like the simple elegance of the table setting.

Freshly Found said...

Thanks for all your comments about my special bird cages!
Debi - I was rather anxious to find my local charity shop almost completely sold out of their previously abundant supply of saris! I should have bought more!

Jesse said...

Thanks for those links - the drawings are very nice!

Estelle said...

From now on we are definitely only ever meeting in coffee shops - you are a hard act to follow!