Monday, October 15, 2007

Chocolate and Silver

Last Sunday I had all the family for lunch. I did not feel like making dessert, so we had chocolate instead. I dug out some of my vintage silver and lined each container with tissue paper.

Now that the cholocolates are finished, this odd little trio is hanging around with my recently freshly stacked and sorted magazine collection!


Janne said...

Mmmmm...yummy. Looks wonderful. Says a chocoholic :-)

Anonymous said...

You always amaze me - with family, I'd be eating straight from the box, or maybe from a bowl.
I LOVE that you pay so much attention to detail at all times. It makes every occasion special. And I'm sure everyone there feels special too!
(Suddenly today the software does not know who I am and will not publish. Perhaps I have lost my identity???)

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm drooling now!!!!

Xander said...

I think chocolate makes a great dessert- especially if served as nicely as you did. -X

Style Saves the World said...

Lovely images!

Hope it's okay I've added you to the blog roll!