Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pink Riempies!

South African Riempie furniture [in it's original form] dates back to Early Cape Dutch times. I like how furniture designer Haldane Martin has given it a completely new colour and twist – In his design he replaces the riempies with recycled plastic! We have some South African friends who live in London. Their Riempie chair needed some repairs and so they asked us to send some of the leather strips or riempies over. I was delighted to receive their “before” and “after" pics today! Well done Colin and co!


Spray Glue said...

I love those chairs...What a designer!!


Jesse said...

I dream of having those chairs, I really do. I saw them at the Design Indaba last year, and stopped dead in my tracks.

Freshly Found said...

Yes I agree. I could make them feel very much at home here!