Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Caberet of Chairs

I love pattern - and pattern that is made up of chair shapes is especially pleasing.
I am intrigued by Julie Rabun's Chair Poster - with the delightfully simple, yet profound statement that - a chair is "a piece of furniture with a back, for one person to sit on" And Mini Moderns have a fun wallpaper called "Sitting Comfortably" It comes in a Colour-it-in-Yourself version.Strictly no colouring outside the lines!
I found this interesting vintage "chair" scarf a while ago and made it up into a unique cushion.
I would love to know more of the history of this scarf! I wonder who designed it?


Jennifer said...

What a fun pillow -- and from a vintage scarf. Where did you find it? This is my first time to your blog -- I'll be back. I love chairs, too!

Estelle said...

Oh I LOVE the chair-scarf-pillow. Beautiful colours.
Plus I love the "twist" of leaning against a pillow that is full of chairs (-:

Heather Moore said...

Lovely scarf, and beautiful chairs!

purple said...

Beautiful pattern with all the chairs!!