Thursday, November 29, 2007

Etsy Mug Shots

Part of the Fun of working hard to set up an Etsy shop - is taking photographs to document your work! We have not had much "Natural" Light around here lately due to it being our rainy season. So a few days ago I set up a make-shift photographic studio - Camera, tripod, white paper back drop, 3 bedside lamps, etc. And mostly what I got was .....

Mug Shots!! You know the type of thing. You look stunning in real life - but if you looked at your passport photo or your driver's licence you would never say so.

Well this Vintage Silk Scarf made up beautifully into a cushion. I was delighted! But would you buy a used car from this cushion??

Today looks like it is going to be bright and sunny - full of natural light - so it is back to the Drawing Board/ Camera Lens!


Estelle said...

Gauteng weather is also only good for mug shots today! But then again, most of my shots are mug shots (-:
Enjoy whatever the day holds!

Heloise Bottomley said...

Good morning, hope the sun is shining. I GOT MY PRESSIE! It's beautiful! xx. Pop over and have a look. Something you probably know but here goes in any case. Tungstan light makes for very yellow muddy pics so if you can be patient daylight is best or try some colour correct bulbs.