Friday, November 30, 2007

More PIF Safe Arrivals!!!

I am so delighted to hear that all my PIF parcels have arrived safely. Estelle let me know that she has a parcel slip in her box and will popping down to the Post Office first thing and then Jesse let me know that hers had arrived too!

How lovely to have a pic of it in it's new home! Go to Jezzeblog to find out more.

Thanks so much to all of you for letting me know. I am so happy that everything arrived safe and sound!


Estelle said...

And Number 3 has a home too. Thanks Dee. I love the red - not sure what shade of red I would call it - deep and interesting and unusual!
I love how the beaded flowers echo the colours in the tapestry.
(One day when I am digital, I will give an update of how it looks in my home.)
Yippeeeee Yayyyyyyyy

Freshly Found said...

Thanks Estelle! Sooo glad it arrived safely! Look forward to the pic!

Estelle said...

Every time I go into my lounge, it's like ... "Hello, new friend! How are you doing?".
Such fun (-: