Monday, December 03, 2007

Recoup, Re-use, Recycle

My daughter arrives in Paris today!
Lucky girl! So much style - so much history and so much design!
So I thought I would stick with the French theme for today - from a slightly unusual angle!

Nelly Rodi - French Trend Forecaster confirms my own personal passion - the fact that we are finding it good to "Recoup, re-use and recycle"!

At Maison et Objet in September, there was a strong feeling of consumers wanting to be more responsible -
art is transforming garbage into gold. "!

Catherine Videlaine takes this to heart by producing some interesting items from old vacuum cleaners, cameras and bicycles! I guess this Curtain Track would appeal to a cyclist-at-heart!

These candle holders are just the right gear for your table! Have a look here at her light fittings too! [Via Designer's Block]


Estelle said...

Ah, amazing. I love the lines and symmetry of the cogs. Who'd have thunk?!?
(I hope your daughter has her cell with her - nice to get messages as they go along)
Have a marvellous Monday.

Heloise Bottomley said...


Jesse said...

I do like that curtain track - there's something about bicycle parts that's so fiddly, and completely at odds with their machine-made oiliness, and the very feminine curtain really shows that up.

Estelle said...

Eagerly awaiting some news from gay Paris!
Have fun (-: