Monday, January 14, 2008

Belgian is Beautiful!

I just received these beautiful Candle Stick Crystals from my sister-in-law in Belgium. She has such a talent for buying gifts and always gives me "something I really wanted"! Thanks Nicky!

We are hoping to go and visit her later this year. I can't wait to see them and drink all that excellent coffee, visit the street markets, eat amazing food and chocolates, and visit the Brocanteurs!

There are a few other things I've seen on the net that I like in Belgium -

I love Atelier Blink's Polyamide mat featuring dishes from a flea market!
Raphael Charles has designed an industrial-like candlestick, with a built in lighter! The socket for the candle is magnestised, so you can place it wherever you like!
Such Creative Ideas! I love it!
For More Belgian culture and design visit .behive


Heloise Bottomley said...

Oh boy, have I enjoyed my catch-up. The doilie rose, your christmas table & shirt cushions all yum. and your pics are looking good girl!

Estelle said...

Beautiful - the candle-stick is "you"!
I love the simplicity and elegance of all the photos you posted - looks like a real composition!

Cakespy said...

Love it!! I'll be the top one flickers so nicely in the light, and the one on the bottom is so beautiful and simple. Beautiful design, and photos (as usual!).