Friday, February 29, 2008

Bronze Bunny!

I am now the proud owner of an Original Bronze Bunny by Janine De Waal! Just look at the delicate sense of airiness and style it adds to my dining room! What made this extra special, is that Janine herself presented it to me in Cape Town. It was part of a PIF Gift Exchange.
Janine is an architect who is studying Jewellery Design and has many artistic interests! I think I can recognise my bunny in this family shot which appeared on her blog Fourwalls a while ago!


HB said...

every time time I see a beautiful PIF gift finding it's home I feel guilty for taking so long in producing mine. That is a fabulous bunny and you're a lucky girl.

janine de waal said...

Denise, I must admit the bunnies looks FANTASTIC in its new home!!! Glad you like it and hope it brings lots of joy!!!
Have a great weekend - and it was wonderful meeting you too!