Friday, March 28, 2008

North and South!

All this talk of seasons and hemispheres! Now here is a completely different angle - The World Upside Down Map!
It makes you think! Doesn't it? I found out about it via Mind Shift. You can buy one at ODT and read more about the whole concept here.


Lynne said...

perfect! how i feel all the time!
especially at xmas, which used to be spent on a beach!

jill said...

crazy! i don't know if i could handle a hot christmas (says the girl who is moving to the desert). my sister is going to do a rotation for physician's assistant school in durban next march. i'm sending her a link to your blog!

Estelle said...

Isn't it amazing how accustomed we become to a norm?
I was very freaked when I saw a map with the Americas in the middle - it took me a while to realise that everything else was still relative!

janine de waal said...

I really like this idea - I went on the website and have been meaning to buy a world map to record my travels and I this these versions will be great for it, with southern africa at the top and in the middle of the map. Brilliant!!!