Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Empty Nests!

With the first of my 3 children having just left home, I have the whole 'empty-nest' concept to start dealing with!
Some designers have had nest's on their mind too:

Kateha's sumptuous Bird's Nest hand tufted rug: Emily Pilloton of Inhabitat's Human Nest chair: The bamboo frame is "upholstered" with scraps of fabric.
Tjep's large 'Tak' sofa - made of 50 rubber branches:More branches can be added as the family grows - and I guess, taken away as the family leaves!


diana @ please sir said...

I love the first rug - let us know what you discover along your new found nesting!

Estelle said...

I'm sure the empty nest feeling must be hard. Tie the other two kids down for a while!

Krissy said...

Love that rubber branch one.