Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Every Picture Tells a Story!!

As I was rushing out of my house on Monday, I stopped to capture this scene. A corner of our home can tell so much about our lives!This pic says:
I have a quirky collection of vintage pots.
I live in tree-lined avenue. It is autumn here and I am being inundated with beautiful brown leaves.
The "Nuptial" Candle is ready for my daughter's wedding in just over 2 weeks time!
The battery powered fluorescent light has become a part of the scenery as we experience daily 2-hour power cuts due to the current energy crisis in our country.

I love how Chris de Beer [a fellow Durbanite] of Empire Collective - creatively coped with no electricity at work recently.
He used the time to design this "Post-It" birdy. Read about the plans he has for it here.

The power cuts - or "Load Shedding" have been frustrating, yet we all have stories of inspiring conversations, fun times and even creative designs which happen when we are forced to slow down for a while.


Estelle said...

I just love the "quirky" pots.
Yes, it's amazing how we are all coping with the power cuts. My only bad experience so far was being in the middle of a mammogram when the power went off. Fortuately the generators kicked in and I could continue with the squashing (-:

Anonymous said...

the nuptial candle is a very sweet idea, what is the ritual that goes with it - as I have not seen anything like this before.
LOL at Estelle's comment above :)

Sarah said...

That's exactly how I'm trying to view the powercuts - as time to do things I normally wouldn't because I should be at my desk. A longer walk with my dogs, some extra yoga and a read in bed. Not bad if you ask me!

Love your posts, Denise. Keep them coming :)