Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How to Have Some Fun!

1. Buy a brass Bugle from a Vintage Store
2. Spray it white.

3. Think about what else you can spray white, seeing as you have a spray paint can in your hand!

4. Find 2 old glass vases.
5. Spray them white! 6. Aaaah!
PS I haven't actually tried to blow the bugle yet. It is one thing buying other people's junk. It is quite something else to actually put your lips to it, even if it has been painted!


Estelle said...

Oh Denise, you make me smile.
Your very own very unique vuvuzela for celebrations (-:
Go on, give it a blow!!

kat said...

I'm afraid it wouldn't touch my lips either : )
I LOVE the glass vases sprayed white - they look just like milk glass. Inventive as ever.

Diana said...

Totally great idea - will definitely have to try it!

Chocolate and Steel said...

That bugle looks awesome in white. And the picture of the vases is stunning.

Anonymous said...

They had a show on the home channel on DSTV recently and the South African designer was encouraging the same thing as you are (paint it white)
In the old days they used to encourage you to paint the INSIDE of vases (and decoupage etc)but then you cant use them for flowers in water. Your way is decorative and useful.
The last thing I spray-painted was the garden bench :) it turned green! and I have always had a LOVE for gold spray paint ... you can spray the plastic lids of nescafe coffee bottles very nicely ...

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

I love this idea!!! xo Abbey