Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wedding Countdown

What do you do when you only have a few days to go to the wedding and should be doing really important stuff on the To-Do list?
Start the day by going to gym. [Have to fit into that wedding outfit.]
Think about all the leaves in your garden. Think of a Weddingish thing you could do with them!
Take out the rake and get busy! Enjoy husband's surprised look [I NEVER rake the garden.]
Experience delight when your daughter gets home - laughing - and you realise she did notice the leaf heart! Yay! Hope it lights up the neighbours' lives too and tells them that there is a wedding in this house! Very soon!


Estelle said...

Oh Denise, you are so special!
Who else would think of this, and take the time to do so?
Thanks for making so many of us smile - hope the neighbours noticed, too.
Have a gorgeous week!

janine de waal said...

I love it!

Anon said...

I can see that you are bubbling with excitement!! :)

PS> At wedding Im going to on Sunday, they have decided to put a padlocked letterbox on the table for all the cash/gift voucher gifts, very clever. I wish we had done that - we lost about 5 envelopes in our the wedding rush! Make sure you have someone available to look after all of those "small" gifts if a padlocked mailbox is not part of the wedding decor!!

Estelle said...

Much later in the day, and I just had to come and have another look.
Now I am going to download the pics and email them to others, telling them what a clever friend I have - as if your being clever has something to do with being my friend (-:

Krissy said...

oh! that is too special :)

kat said...

A perfectly appropriate occurence for a garden that will host a wedding!

suelichter said...

HUGS SUE.................

Abby Creek Art said...

Love the photo of the heart and your two dogs!

Freshly Found said...

Thanks everyone!
anon - what a good idea.

Marina said...

Que lindo!!!
That´s so sweet!!!!
Wish the best to you and all your family, special to your daughter!!!!